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Black Ivory Drinks

Here are some pictures to show some of our favorite drinks whether it is an espresso drink or a boba drink!


B.I Thai Tea

Every single time you get a Thai tea it is a food time!



made from a medium roast espresso bean supplied by Larry's Coffee


Vanilla Latte

Life is sweeter having a latte with a touch of vanilla :)


Pomegranate fruit tea & Strawberry Horchata

We make our fruit teas using Earl Grey Black tea, and we put a spin on the classic horchata

IMG-2447 (1).jpg

Mango Yogurt 

Can not go wrong with our yogurt beverage mixed with mango to start off your day!



Nothing like enjoying our espresso flowing down our milk mixture to cool one's self off

Stop by and try one our delicious Espresso, Yogurt, Refreshing boba drinks!

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